Relay Rules

Green Relay Rules

  1. Each team member must complete at least one lap.
  2. Only one team member may be on the course at any time.
  3. The team member completing each lap must have a relay wristband visible on their wrist at all times.
  4. Team member transitions must take place within each team’s allocated transition zone.
  5. Team member transitions are NOT PERMITTED during the first 10 minutes of the event.
  6. Each team’s final lap must start before the 4 hour time limit expires.
  7. Green Relay team members must enter using the same entry category as the person creating the team (eg, Team of 3 or more, Team of 5 or more, etc). This is the team’s ‘expected entry category’.
  8. Green Relay teams may add any number of team members until entries close.
  9. Green Relay team size for results and prize purposes is determined when entries close at Wednesday 11:59pm 27 November 2019, this is the team’s ‘actual entry category’. A team’s ‘actual entry category’ may be larger than its ‘expected entry category’, but not smaller.